5 Errors to Avoid When Ordering Reflective Lighting Assemblies

Posted by Jim Madson on 1/31/18, 11:26 AM


By the time you’re ready to place an order for reflective lighting assemblies, you’ve already done your due diligence. All of the details have been discussed and analyzed to the point of being second nature to you—which makes them easy to overlook when ordering.

It’s always helpful to provide as much information as possible to achieve the best outcome. There are five key items that suppliers need to know to accurately quote and manufacture reflective lighting assemblies:

1. Specify the material finish.

The finish on your reflective lighting assembly is more than aesthetic. Material finish is important for optical performance, including:

  • Glare control
  • Brightness
  • Light ray direction
  • Light wavelength

There are a couple of ways to make sure you order the correct material finish:

  • Specify it using the manufacturer and trade name of the material
  • Consult with the supplier for recommendations based on light source and application

2. Don’t overlook grain direction.

Like the material finish, correct grain direction is imperative for full optical performance. It also factors into accurate parts formation.

3. Include the material thickness.

Since most materials are only available in a few thicknesses, this seems like a minor detail—but it isn’t. Material thickness is important for strength and, if ordered thicker than necessary, can drive up reflective lighting assembly costs.

4. Indicate the “good side.”

Although almost all reflective materials have one, indicating which is the “good side” is the piece of information most often omitted on an order. Even if the “good side” seems obvious, make sure you note it.

5. Supply complete dimensional information.

Providing a two-dimensional drawing or a three-dimensional model of the anticipated reflective lighting assembly goes a long way in ensuring accuracy. Including dimensional information is always a good idea, but it’s particularly important if the fixture design is complicated.

Attention to detail helps you get the reflective lighting assemblies you want and need. We’re happy to review and discuss any order before you place it. Give us a call at 262-605-0500 or email us at rci@reflective-concepts.com.

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