Benefits of Tailored Reflectors for LEDs

Posted by Larry Cozine on 5/18/16 8:30 AM


With the advent of LEDs, many in the industry saw this as the beginning of the end for tailored reflectors in commercial lighting. But as the technology has continued to progress, it is very apparent now that tailored reflectors are more important than ever in regards to LEDs. Whether the LEDs being used have a discrete chip or a COB array, there are many advantages to creating a unique tailored reflector rather than an off the shelf standard reflector as part of the overall design.

  1. Fit

    • Using a tailored reflector allows you to design the reflector to your specific LED board requirements.

    • A tailored reflector allows you to fit the reflector to your specific housing, not have to “wedge” in a standard reflector. If your housing is part of your overall brand appearance, this becomes very important.

    • Using a tailored reflector can help to maximize your overall design and enhance rather than limit the impact of the fixture itself.

  2. Performance

    • Tailored reflectors can be used to optimize your fixture’s performance.

    • Standard reflectors provide standard results. Enough Said.

  3. Material Finishes

    • Tailored reflectors allow you to choose materials for their photometric properties in line with your performance requirements.

    • Tailored reflectors allow you to create multiple versions of your fixture with different materials for different applications/requirements with limited design effort.

    • Tailored reflectors allow you to select different finishes to reduce glare or for appearance enhancements.

  4. Uniqueness

    • Same LEDs, same optics – tailored reflectors allow you to differentiate your product from everybody else. Be Unique!

In short, tailored reflectors allow your company to make a unique product that differentiates you from everyone else. Don’t settle for making your product look like your competitors, make it different, make it better.

Reflective Concepts has been designing, engineering, manufacturing and assembling tailored reflectors for over 15 years and we understand this product like no one else. Let us help your product stand out from the rest. If you have a lighting project or are looking for a supplier that can give you insight into how form and function impact your design, give RCI a call at 262.605.0500 or email us at and let us show you the light.


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