Growing Plants with LED Lights

Posted by Brooke Hild on 10/18/17 10:21 AM

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Plants are an essential part of our survival, and without them human beings and animals alike would cease to exist. Plants need a few key components to grow, and one of the most important is light. While natural sunlight is obviously the best choice, it is sometimes not an option. Thus, humans developed a way to grow plants without sunlight, but with artificial light.

The reasons for growing plants inside can vary, but most commonly it is to grow something in an area that does not have the right temperature or environment. Take for instance the winter months, without the ability to grow some plants inside those in colder areas would rely on warmer locations to grow all their vegetables. By growing crops in doors, you can also control the growth parameters, thus ensuring that they get the right combination of light, moisture and nutrients to maximize the crop yield.

 The more efficient light to grow plants has proven to be LED lights. A major perk of using LED to grow plants is the cost, and because LED uses 60-90% less energy than other lighting sources the bills will be kept low. LED light uses a diode which generates little heat and can be manipulated to any color within the spectrum. This allows growers to match the colors needed during peak growing season. It has also been proven that LED light creates larger yields per plant, increasing the overall harvest of crops. LED also does not contain any mercury or harsh chemicals, creating a safer environment.

While using LEDs to grow crops has proven fruitful (pun intended), the light still needs to be directed and controlled to ensure maximum effectiveness. To do this you need reflectors to help shape the light, control the light pattern, maintain a specific type of light (red vs. blue light) and reduce the heat signature. By using reflectors in your LED Grow Lighting you can help Mother Nature provide a bountiful harvest.

RCI specializes in tailored reflectors for the lighting industry. We have worked with many horticultural companies to design and manufacture reflectors for their LED grow systems. Contact us today to learn more about how we design reflectors, and how we can help make your next lighting project easier.


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