Healthcare and Lighting

Posted by Brooke Hild on 6/21/17 9:17 AM


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There are a lot of things that set our senses off in hospitals. The noises from beeping machines and staff communicating, the sterile smell, but have you ever noticed the lighting? Most people probably pay no attention to it as light is second nature, it is just there. The art of designing light in different parts of the hospital is key to what type of mood you intend to set. Take for example the nurses station. These individuals work 12 plus hours per shift, some being at night. The light set in their area is designed to keep them alert and attentive. Meanwhile, if you are in the waiting area while your family member or friend is seeking medical attention, the light is meant to keep you calm and relaxed. Each scene has key functionality for an intended purpose.

In another area of healthcare comes tending to the elderly. When people reach a point where they can no longer live dependently they rely on retirement facilities to take care of them. As people age their need for Circadian Stimulus (CS) increases, and unfortunately those living in retirement facilities can face a challenge. To solve this problem facilities, utilize specialized lighting that mimics the daily color temperature cycle of natural daylight. Having this lighting technology is key to these individuals remaining healthy and happy. Light is a fundamental aspect of human life. Most of the time people don’t pay much attention to it, but we should because it is essential.

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