How Lighting Ensures Security and Safety -Part 1

Posted by Larry Cozine on 1/20/16 8:30 AM


Light affects everything, not the least of which is our safety and security.

From initial concept through high-quality imaging analysis, light plays a central role in creating secure locations and situations. Focusing on the first part of this equation, we’ll explore how safety and security arrangements are conceptualized around lighting, and how tailored segmented reflectors achieve optimal output for those lights.

Properly designed security and safety lighting delivers improved lighting for image capture, designates safe areas and illuminates potential problem areas. Factors that influence the type of lighting required include:

  • Is there a specific shape/pattern needed to cover a designated area, or is maximum coverage required?

  • Is the lighting designed for illumination only, or to enhance CCTV coverage of the designated space?

  • Is the area being illuminated public or private?

  • If illuminating a public space, are there requirements or restrictions that need to be addressed?

  • If illuminating a private space, will it impact a public venue?

Tailored segmented reflectors can be produced using an infinite number of shapes and configurations, and can incorporate numerous surface types to enhance or create a specific photometric pattern. By fully integrating lighting design into a network security system, you can facilitate communication with other security network devices, offer instant lighting response to an event or intrusion, or simply provide an illuminated area for added safety.

Looking at security and safety in the broader sense, color-enhanced lighting is being introduced in hospitals, public buildings and prisons as a means of creating and/or maintaining a specific “emotional environment.” Recent studies have shown that within certain parameters, color-enhanced light reduces stress, improves positive feelings and de-escalates potential anger situations.

In addition, some fixtures are designed specifically for surveillance systems. In many cases, the light required for these systems is highly differentiated from what is usually considered “normal lighting” for regular cameras, like street lights, building lights or spotlights. The correct type and shape of color-enhanced lighting dramatically impact camera image quality, and truly integrated security systems are designed to maximize its benefits.

Tailored segmented reflectors can provide real, tangible advantages to any security lighting design project, including reducing costs and addressing specific design requirements. Give RCI a call at 262-605-0500 or use our contact form and let’s talk about how we can help you, design, develop and manufacture lighting for your security and safety needs.



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