Enhancing Medical Lighting With Tailored Reflectors

Posted by Briana Lipor on 12/11/19 9:00 AM


Advancements in medical lighting are directly impacting the medical industry. Tailored reflectors have helped several applications evolve.

Medical/Dental Imaging

Traditional Computer Tomography (CT-Scan) technology and more advanced imaging systems have benefited from enhanced imaging performance, shorter duration times for scanning, and the ability to perform non-linear scanning in a mobile environment.




Microbial Reduction Lighting

High-energy, full-spectrum ultraviolet light (UV-C) is extremely fast and effective at reducing microbial bacterial viruses and spores within a medical environment. As a result, hospitals are now introducing UV-C into their facilities through their standard lighting or by using independent Microbial Reduction Units in designated areas.


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Behavioral Enhancement Lighting

While the effects of visible and non-visible spectrum light on human behavior have been long-studied, Non-Image Forming or Biological Effects lighting has only recently been implemented within medical facilities. Light of various colors, intensity, and patterns improve the general sense of well-being, recuperative faculties, and overall alertness and focus of patients and staff.


Medical/Dental Exam Lighting

The continued development of LED technology has provided medical and dental professionals with several innovations including smaller, more mobile lighting platforms; clearer imaging with less shadowing; and, improved natural light options for more realistic patient experiences.


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Reflective Concepts, Inc., meets the precise lighting demands of the medical industry by, first, asking three critical questions:


1. What is the intended application of the light design?


2. What are the light characteristics that the design is meant to achieve within the total light environment?


3. Are there any additional requirements (i.e., aesthetics, budget, space limitations)?





Guided by the answers, we manufacture tailored reflectors that specifically address the unique application requirements and provide several distinct advantages.


Enhanced photometric and design performance characteristics

Augmented, focused, or superior light patterning in Medical/Dental Imaging devices creates clearer images, reduces exposure durations, and presents non-linear imaging options (i.e., upright CT-Scans).


Concentrated high-intensity UV-C and Infrared light

Focused light patterns and intensity helps reduce microbial bacteria, viruses, and spores within a medical environment.


Integrated Non-Image Forming or Biological light

Using tailored reflectors in new or existing light fixtures to shape light patterns, intensity and colors improves the emotional, visual, and biological well-being of medical patients and staff.


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The importance of proper medical lighting applications cannot be denied. Trust your next project to the lighting industry’s leading manufacturer of tailored solutions.

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