LED Lighting is the Future

Posted by Brooke Hild on 10/11/17 10:23 AM



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Human beings are creatures of habit, and sometimes changing that habit is hard. But occasionally change is necessary and the benefits far outweigh the risks. Switching to LED technology can be time consuming, and sometimes people would rather stick to what they know. However, the advantages of changing to LED lighting provide not only savings to your wallet, but provides improved light quality and is better for environment.

LEDs instantly light upon turning on, whereas CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs have a lag time. This can be especially frustrating for outdoor lighting as colder weather prolongs the flare up even more. With LED no matter the temperature you are guaranteed to have bright light instantly. LED uses far less energy than CFL, as much as 90%. This saves money on energy bills, while allowing you to do your part in bettering the environment.

CFL bulbs have a small amount of mercury which is very toxic if released into the air. When the bulb is finished one should go through proper steps in disposing of them, however most people simply throw them in the trash. LED lights do not have this issue and you can dispose of them in anyway. You can also rest assure that there are no toxic ingredients, and they are safe to use in enclosed areas.

LEDs are also considered “smart lights” in the sense that certain types can be connected with mobile apps and be manipulated from anywhere. Some of these lights even include energy trackers to help people understand how much energy they are consuming. Using LEDs have many benefits, both in the home and in public areas.

Reflective Concepts Inc. manufactures LED retrofit upgrade kits to replace your old lighting. These kits provide an inexpensive switch to LED technology, and can be installed in a matter in minutes.  RCI’s Draco retrofit kit is made in the USA and comes with removable lamps to extend the lifecycle of your fixture. Contact RCI today to learn how to make your switch.


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