Lighting In The Medical Field

Posted by Brooke Hild on 8/9/17 10:14 AM


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Lighting has changed in more ways than one over the last few hundred years. From the first electric light in 1802, to LEDs in today’s world, light is constantly evolving. In hospitals in the 1800’s there was no electric light, so the surgical rooms were designed toward the southeast with large windows to let in as much natural light as possible. Doctors even had to schedule procedures around daylight, and if there was bad weather sometimes had to postpone. In the 1880’s electric light was first introduced into operating rooms, and since then hospitals have been in the forefront of lighting innovations.

Not only is light important for doctors and nurses to be able to see while performing their duties, but lighting is also used in medical machines as well as medical therapies. Babies born with jaundice are put in incubators with bili lights, which help rid the body of the yellow coloring of the skin, known as bilirubin. In addition, Scientists are now developing techniques to use light to curb the side effects of drugs, help increase the treatment options and activate medicine more effectively. 

Another aspect of the medical lighting field are X-ray machines. X-rays combine electromagnetic radiation, infrared radiation, visible light and ultraviolet radiation and microwaves. Without light however, doctors could not get images X-rays provide that are crucial to diagnosing medial issues. Light remains crucial to medical personnel to not only effectively see their patients ailments, but for doctors and staff to effectively treat those ailments.

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