Now More Than Ever, Your Supply Chain Needs a Plan B

Posted by Larry Cozine on 1/17/18 10:02 AM



Over the last year, RCI has been touting the need for a backup plan for our customers and potential customers logistics supply chains or as we call it a “Plan B”. Many times, I am asked, “But why do I need a Plan B?”. We always give them the basic answer of because of unexpected delays or disruptions in your supply chain due to unforeseen events. Whether the events are due to geo-political issues such as a trade war or even a real shooting war that impedes the flow of goods from overseas or whether it is due to natural causes such as hurricanes, typhoons or earthquakes, it always makes sense to have a backup supply or supplier for any goods or components that you source from overseas.

As you look at the World today, you see a myriad of issues ranging from terrorism and war in the Middle East to potential instability in the Korean Peninsula, to earthquakes in Mexico and hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic. All of these ongoing issues impact a company’s ability to maintain their supply chain and that’s why it is so important to have a Plan B in place with a supplier you can trust. There may be a slightly higher cost to maintaining a secondary source, but ultimately the cost is negligible compared to a disruption or even termination of your supply chain’s primary source.

RCI has the expertise, the capacity and the gravitas to provide peace of mind to any company’s supply chain manager and with over 30 years of experience in the lighting industry we are a known quality provider. To learn more about how RCI can provide peace of mind and risk mitigation to your supply chain contact us today or call us at 262-605-0500.

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