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Posted by Larry Cozine on 12/6/17 9:49 AM



Reflective Concepts provides sheet metal fabrication, concentrating in tailored reflectors for the lighting, aerospace, medical, architectural, horticultural industries utilizing specialized aluminum. Housing the largest inventory of pre-anodized aluminum in North America, we carry inventory of Alanod, Almeco, ACA and White Optics among others.

In addition to the pre-anodized aluminum we carry, we offer a variety of services to ensure our client’s get exactly what they want including:

  • Anodizing
    • Coats the surface with a decorative anodic oxide finish
    • Will not peel or flake
    • Low to large quantities
  • Painting
    • Paints a color directly on the surface of your product
    • Many color options available
    • Low to large quantities
  • Powder Coating
    • Creates a hard finish more durable than traditional paint
    • Many color options available
    • Moderate to large quantities

Reflective Concepts can work to advise you on the right material for your needs. Our experienced engineers know these materials inside and out, and can make recommendations based on the photometric outcome you are looking for. Contact RCI today to learn more about the materials we have.


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