RCI’s Rapid Prototyping Guide

Posted by Larry Cozine on 11/29/17 10:05 AM

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When creating a new product, no matter what it is, prototyping is very important. Prototypes help to ensure that the design on paper (or computer), actually match the requirements the customer is looking to achieve. In addition, prototyping is very important to be able to physically test the photometrics of the product being produced.

We at Reflective Concepts understand that time is money, and the longer a product takes before it is sold the longer it will be before you see a profit. That is why we offer rapid prototyping as a service. During the prototyping phase we will work with your team to ensure we are producing the best possible outcome in a timely and efficient manner.

If you are not sure what type of material, you want to use no problem! We house the largest inventory in North America of anodized aluminum, and can produce a prototype in several materials. We can work to prototype your product no matter what phase of the project you are in.

We can also utilize our laser machines during prototyping, so that no tooling is necessary. We are capable of intricate geometric shapes and detailed cuts, and can test multiple variations at once. We use CNC rapid fabrication to provide production quality for evaluation. Using 3D printing, we can create rapid tooling for proof of concept during limited production runs. 3D printing allows for intricate shapes with no tooling needed.

Let RCI be your trusted partner during your prototyping phase. We will work with your team to ensure your design is transferred into your prototype and will provide it as quickly as possible, in as little as 3-4 days! Contact RCI today to learn how to get started.


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