The Effect Of Lighting On Mood

Posted by Brooke Hild on 7/12/17 10:52 AM

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Study after study have shown that Lighting, both natural and artificial, greatly affect a human being’s mood and behavior. Having the right type of lighting at the right time is crucial to certain aspects of life. Lack of light or poor artificial light can cause depression, moods swings and lethargy. Since natural sunlight tends to spike serotonin, sun lamps were created to mimic sunlight on dreary days. Some studies have even shown that using brighter lights can warm humans, even when keeping the room temperature, the same.

Light can also boost productivity, so it is critical to use the right kind of artificial light in places like schools and office buildings. For years, fluorescent lights were considered the norm; however, the benefits of LED lights are now being shown to be extremely beneficial in providing the “right” kind of light. In addition to boosting energy, brightness of light can also help people wind down. Using different light tones and dimming lights before bed can even help regulate the sleep cycle.

Emotions and feelings intensify under strong light. Different brightness of light can change the way people see one another. In brighter lighting scenarios, it has been proven people find each other more attractive. Light motivates the perception of heat, and perception of heat can generate more intense emotions. Lighting is a vital necessity for human beings, not just to be able to see but to assist in emotional well-being.

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