A Wall of Light

Posted by Erika Mackay on 7/19/17 10:34 AM

In 2013, Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield tweeted the above image of Berlin, Germany. He believed, and rightly so, that the stark contrast in the lighting of the city was due to the separation of East and West Berlin after WWII.

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Topics: LED lights, Landscape Lighting, Decorative Lighting, City Lighting, Light History

Holiday Lighting - LED v.s Incandescent

Posted by Shannon Wallace on 11/30/16 8:19 AM

The Holiday season is upon us and Christmas decor and lights have come a long way from the candles used to light up the trees and window sills way back when. Today there are extravagant light displays all over the country to exhibit our holiday spirit and maybe even a little bit of our competitive nature. Who doesn’t want the best display on the block, right?

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Topics: Reflective Lighting, LED lights, Tailored Reflectors, Landscape Lighting, Decorative Lighting

Landscape Lighting and Tailored Reflectors

Posted by Shannon Wallace on 3/16/16 8:30 AM

From flood lighting and spot lights to well lights, path, step and area lighting, they all make an impact in illuminating the ambiance of your landscape. So where do tailored reflectors come into play?  Below we highlight significant ways tailored reflectors complement lighting in the landscape.

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Topics: LED lights, Tailored Reflectors, Landscape Lighting