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Posted by Larry Cozine on 1/10/18 10:12 AM


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Topics: Rapid Prototyping, LED Myths, LED lights, ANODIZED ALUMINUM, Light Pollution

Light Pollution – Its Effect on Wildlife, Ecosystems and Humans

Posted by Rob Lees on 5/4/16 8:30 AM


For billions of years the earth has obtained a regular schedule of day and night and that very schedule is ingrained in the DNA of species today. Humans have disrupted this natural rhythm by lighting up the night. Plants, animals and human beings are all being affected by this change in more ways than realized.

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Posted by Rob Lees on 4/6/16 8:30 AM


Light Pollution is everywhere! It can be admired from afar while gasping at the skyline of your city or be the annoying street light that shines into your bedroom window at bedtime after a long day. Light Pollution competes with star light in the night sky in urban areas, interferes with astronomical observations and like any other form of pollution it plays apart in disrupting the ecosystem and can have adverse health effects.


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Topics: Tailored Reflectors, Light Pollution