Bringing Manufacturing Back to the U.S.

Posted by Briana Lipor on 5/13/20 9:00 AM


When looking for a manufacturer that will provide you with quality, savings, and a quick turnaround, it's essential to consider the location of your facility.

The United States is still a manufacturing powerhouse in many sectors. The current pandemic related shortages throughout many different industries have fueled calls from political leaders telling manufacturers to produce domestically. And long before the pandemic, President Trump was pushing U.S. companies to bring back production from overseas. There has been a debate for decades on where to buy and manufacture goods and services. While many companies have moved overseas in search of cheaper production and labor costs, more times than not, it pays to keep your company based right here in the United States. There are numerous benefits to choosing a manufacturer based in the United States over those found abroad- especially in the long run. 


More Jobs for Americans

Choosing U.S.-based manufacturing means creating jobs for Americans. By keeping manufacturing in the United States, you can be sure that you're supporting the local and national economy and helping American families thrive financially. Perhaps it sounds obvious, but there really is no way to understate the value of any company that keeps it's roots in the United States. Overseas manufacturing can result in a lower-priced products, but who will purchase the product if no one has a job? Ultimately, choosing U.S.-based manufacturing stimulates the economy on all levels. 


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Lower Costs

Overseas shipping can be exorbitantly expensive, while shipping within the United States is quite reasonable, even for large shipments. Overseas shipping also creates greater room for error, delays and other problems. Using U.S. shipping providers also means that you'll again be contributing to the national economy, and you'll significantly reduce the amount of money you're spending on shipment insurance, jet and ocean liner fuel, customs fees and more. By keeping shipping costs low, you'll be able to maintain product costs because you will have less overhead.

By choosing a manufacturer in the United States, your taxes will support your community in terms of infrastructure, social programs, and more. Keeping manufacturing operations in America strengthens the United States' economy and keeps our government's financial system secure. In the United States, taxes subsidize everything from our roads to our water supply to schools and our national defense. Keeping American manufacturers in business can only benefit American citizens.


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Shorter Lead Time and Volume

Not only does manufacturing in the U.S. save you money on logistics costs, it also saves you valuable time in the production process. Consumers as a whole want their product faster. The distance a product must travel from any destination in the United States versus the distance it must travel from overseas can make a difference of weeks or even months. Shipping by sea takes at least 30 days, while domestic shipping can literally take one day. Faster shipping means faster delivery, which means faster sales. Having a shorter lead time is a sure fire way to increase customer satisfaction.

China has a reputation for delivering large volumes, but when it comes to finding a factory overseas for smaller production runs it is difficult. U.S manufacturers can not only accommodate large volume production runs, but also offer smaller options as well. Many companies who manufacture abroad must keep a large inventory on hand in the United States anyway. This ends up being costly, in labor control, maintaining inventory and has the risk of the product becoming outdated before it sells. Manufacturing within the United States enables a push mentality instead of a pull mentality for an organization's supply chain and increases the ability to successfully weather unexpected market shifts. 




Safety and Quality

Safety is perhaps one of the most important benefits of manufacturing in the United States versus overseas. While it may seem a distant concern to some, the welfare of overseas workers is often placed in jeopardy. American regulations keep standards in place to ensure the safety of workers.

Staying on top of quality issues is important whether it be overseas or domestic because mistakes can happen. If a problem should arise, you are able to catch it and correct it more quickly and ensure that all products fit set standards and specifications. By being geographically closer to your production facility, you are able to execute tighter control over the manufacturing process. Plus, you can be more confident that all materials adhere to safety and quality standards- helping you make sure you have the best building blocks to manufacture your product. 





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