Commence Plan B

Posted by Briana Lipor on 2/12/20 9:00 AM

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As the coronavirus outbreak spreads rapidly, supply chain leaders must mitigate instant disruption and plan for future incidents.

The outbreak of the coronavirus is rippling through global manufacturing supply chains. In previous blog posts we have discussed the importance of having a backup supply chain and the current state of the global economy is exactly why. If you haven't already started working on an alternate sourcing and manufacturing strategy that excludes China, you should start immediately. As global leaders and health officials track the strain and make decisions regarding containment, supply chain leaders need to assess and plan for how the virus will impact global supply chains.

Panic is beginning to rise, suddenly all supply chains seem vulnerable because so many Chinese supply chains within supply chains within supply chains rely on each other for parts and raw materials. We are already starting to see businesses struggle to figure out how to get shipments out of China. Airline and air cargo operations that have been on restricted holiday schedules are now completely suspended. Many factories and logistics warehouses are on extended leave trying to outlast this critical virus period. How long before all factories and global logistics are running smoothly again? 

If you haven't already, it is now time to plan and initiate your Plan B for disasters like the coronavirus and trade wars. At RCI, we have been touting the need for a backup plan for our customers and potential customer's logistics supply chains for many years. The coronavirus should be a huge wake up call for supply chain professionals to develop alternate sourcing and manufacturing plans. While natural disasters and events such as the coronavirus cannot be predicted, you can develop alternate plans in case they do happen.


                Plan B


The time for a Plan B has never been more important, the time for Plan B is now. 

It has always been important to have a backup supply or supplier for any goods or components that you source from overseas. We are fully equipped to handle short-term bridge orders and long-term transitional orders. Ultimately, we are here to make it easier for you to move product from one vendor to another. At RCI, we are here to help, we are experts in helping you avoid unexpected delays or disruptions in your supply chain due to unforeseen events. 


Our services include:

               Design; photometric and mechanical


               Prototyping: laser, CNC rapid prototyping, 3D printing

               Metal spinning

               Assembly: partial and full

               Integration: We have partners to make it as simple as possible for you

               To top if off, we're ISO 9001:2015 certified




At Reflective Concepts, we recognize that supplier relationships are first and foremost based on trust. We maintain and balance that trust by consistently delivering great products and great service at a great price. We are able to provide high quality parts while being competitive with overseas manufacturing prices without the overseas shipping costs and delays. Not to mention, we can provide low volume production to high volume production and shorter lead times.

The RCI family is built up of an outstanding group of professionals that are lighting industry experts. With unrivaled knowledge, decades of reflector component development and  experience with lighting materials and fabrication. In addition to our amazing team, we house the largest and most complex inventory of reflective lighting materials. Our spectrum of understanding and experience enables us to approach each and every project with unrivaled diligence and expertise to ensure our customers are getting the very best product every time. RCI provides design and engineering of tailored reflectors for the lighting, aerospace, architectural, medical, automotive, horticultural and other industries. We also partner with reputable vendors to offer anodizing, painting, and powdered coating options. Sprinkle in our customer friendly approach to purchasing, assembly, and shipping options and you'll realize we're the best source for all your reflector needs, from start to finish.

We can even produce your parts in as little as two weeks .

At RCI, we are here to help your company maintain its supply chain. With our unrivaled expertise, capabilities and gravitas to provide peace of mind to any company's supply chain manager. It is time to raise the threat level for your supply chains and take action now. 

Contact us at 866-276-6242 today and let Reflective Concepts be your Plan B. 


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