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Posted by Briana Lipor on 3/4/20 9:45 AM


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Turret punch presses provide flexibility to handle low to high volume production runs.
Turret punch presses have come a long way over the decades. Progressing from mechanical to hydraulic to electric servo drives. Most advances in punch press versatility are associated with hydraulic ram systems. Hydraulic ram systems were introduced to allow the punch stroke to start and stop at any point along the ram path. Some turret punch controls take into account the programmed material thickness and the upcoming axis move distance and then automatically calculate the optimal hover height for the axis move. When the hits required are farther apart, the system automatically increases the tool hover height to provide clearance. This helps achieve fast, reliable machine operation without operator or programmer involvement.

A critical factor in determining the success of today's versatile punching, forming, and marking tools is the ability of the machine control and part programming system to integrate the special functions needed for the tools to work successfully. Equally important is the programmer's input in the operation of the servo-controlled hydraulic ram system used in today's turret punch presses.

The flexibility of programmable hydraulic rams, improved machine controls and software, and tooling advancements have helped make the punch press a versatile production tool. Ultimately, helping increase throughput, decrease set up time, reduce part handling, transport, and secondary operations, and most importantly improving overall part quality.

At RCI, we can produce your low and high volume production runs with ease using our cost efficient CNC punch. 29 station thin turret equipped with three direct drive 3.5" auto index stations

  • Delivers up to 360 HPM on 1" centers
  • 20 tons of punching force via a servo-controlled hydraulic ram system
  • Smart stoke feature to automatically calculate optimum ram hover
  • Stress relieved bridge frame and widespread axis bearing system
  • PC based Fanuc control offers diagnostics, large program storage capacity

Contact RCI at 866-276-6242 to start a conversation about your application needs. Let us help you prototype and manufacture tailored reflectors for your lighting application.

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