New Year, Big News!

Posted by Briana Lipor on 1/1/20 9:00 AM


Happy new year from everyone at Reflective Concepts. 2020 is going to be a big year and as promised, we are so excited to finally share our big news.

This year, RCI will be bringing ALL spinning operations in house. What does that mean? We can not only manufacture any spun lighting part, but we can also provide all secondary operations. 




What is metal spinning? 

The process of metal spinning, also referred to as "metal turning", is the fundamental fabrication  where a flat metal disc or "blank" is fixed in a spinning lathe to form a hollow part with a circular cross-section. Metal spinning changes the shape of metal to reflect that of a mold on which it is spun. 

Metal spinning can be performed manually by hand or with a CNC machine. The CNC allows control and automates the metal spinning process by programming the turning machine's operations into a computer program. 

Traditionally, manual spinning has been associated with low volume production. The dawning of the digital age in manufacturing has advanced metal spinning in a way that now makes it cost effective for both prototyping and volume production. CNC spin forming machines turn out pieces at tolerances which exceed even the most skilled manual processes. 





What machines do we have? 


Nova Sidera Eureka 370 




Haas ST-20Y Lathe




At Reflective Concepts, we're equipped to take on any job, large or small, providing an economical option for production and prototype fabrication. As the leader of fabricated reflectors in the commercial lighting industry, we are proud to be able to offer full spinning capabilities and secondary operations. Give us a call today at 866-276-6242 to get started on your next spinning project. 





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