The Importance of Lighting in the Medical Field

Posted by Briana Lipor on 4/8/20 9:00 AM

The importance of proper medical lighting cannot be denied.

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Topics: Medical Lighting, aluminum reflectors, lighting reflectors, fluorescent lighting, manufacturing, uv

Tips For Working Through the Coronavirus

Posted by Briana Lipor on 3/25/20 9:00 AM


As coronavirus case totals rise in the US, governors are issuing unprecedented "stay at home" orders.

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Topics: Risk Mitigation, Supply Chain, planning, aluminum reflectors, lighting reflectors, metal spinning, supply planning, manufacturing

How to Build Business Success with Design Manufacturability

Posted by Briana Lipor on 3/18/20 9:15 AM

Now is an opportune time to focus on design manufacturability to help set your business up for future success. 

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Topics: Reflector Manufacturing, manufacturing