Frequently asked questions answered by RCL

Can I buy a standard reflective lighting assembly from Reflective Concepts?

Not at this time. 

All assemblies we currently make are a tailor made design for each customer and application.

Can you design a custom reflective lighting assembly to fit my needs?

We have extensive ‘design for manufacture’ and mechanical engineering experience with reflective materials. 

We have a variety of photometric design options available should you need to meet a specific custom reflector assembly design requirement.

Can you inventory reflectors and lighting components for me to improve delivery?

Yes.  Arrangements can be made for individual reflective lighting requirements.

Do I have to buy tooling to make an assembly?

No.  Most reflectors or components can be manufactured without tooling.  

If there is a situation requiring tooling, we have several options for production or short-run/prototypes.

How fast can you manufacture a prototype?

Most reflective lighting or segmented prototypes can be done in a few days to two or three weeks.  

The lead time will vary depending on the design.

What data format do you need for custom designed assembly information?

We can accept drawings and 3D data in a variety of formats.  Drawings can be PDF, DWG, DXF and others.  

3D files can be Solidworks, IGES, STP, STL and others.  

Please contact us for any file type you don’t see here.

What information do you need to quote an assembly or components?

We will need some initial design information for the geometric shape and the materials desired.  

An estimated usage (quantity or EAU) will help us to choose the appropriate production methods.  

Will you require a prototype (highly recommended) for testing and evaluation?  

Are there any inspections such as a 1st Article or PPAP required?

Contact us today for more information on your quoting needs!

What material should I use for my assembly or component?

Material selection is a critical part of your design. We can assist you in selecting the best materials for your needs.

Determining factors include your specific application, light source and budget. 

Our inventory of reflective materials is the largest in North America, providing more choices to fit your application. 

See our Material Selection Guide for more information.