Metal Spinning

Metal spinning is a metalworking process used to transform flat metal discs or tubes into axially symmetrical round shapes. There are many advantages of metal spinning: it’s cost-efficient, offers quick turnaround times, generates less material waste, and is ideal for creating a wide range of symmetrical shapes, including cylinders, hourglasses, cones, bells, and parabolas.

Metal spinning companies choose a flat metal disc or tube (known as a blank) based on the desired final shape and size. The blank is clamped onto the rotating chuck of a spinning lathe; when turned on, a roller is applied to the spinning disc with controlled pressure, forcing it to conform to the shape of a mandrel. As the blank spins at high speeds, the roller gradually stretches and thins the metal, forming it into the desired shape.

Metal spinning companies create products for a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical, lighting, and kitchenware. Metal spinning is used to make hubcaps, bowls, aircraft fuselages, horns, lamp shades, and many other parts.

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