Grocery Shoppers Impacted by Lighting

Posted by Larry Cozine on 8/12/20 9:00 AM

A grocery store can send you into sensory overload. There’s vibrant fruits, vegetables and fresh-cut flowers upon entering; the irresistible aroma of warm bakery bread wafting through the air; and, relaxing music persuading you to stroll down all the aisles. Why? These sights, sounds, and smells combine to elevate your mood. And, happy customers spend more money.

It’s no secret that grocery stores orchestrate their environments to take advantage of human nature. But, have you ever considered the part lighting plays in these retail marketing strategies?

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Rapid Prototyping Quick Guide

Posted by Rob Madson on 8/12/20 8:13 AM

When it comes to the production and profitability of fabricated reflective optics, time is of the essence. But, a quick turnaround should never leave you questioning precision or quality. There’s no guesswork with Rapid Prototyping. The advanced technologies deliver exactly what you need, including peace of mind in knowing there will be no surprises from concept through end product. Rapid Prototyping is a group of technologies used to quickly fabricate a scale model of a physical part or assembly using 3D printing and CAD design. Rapid Prototyping isn’t a new concept, but in the nearly four decades since its inception, the techniques have been refined to advance many industries including fabricated reflective optics.

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Posted by Michelle Politoski on 8/5/20 8:04 AM

Tailored reflectors provide product development engineers with a number of value added advantages for successful project completion.

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8 Advantages of Anodized Aluminum

Posted by Rob Madson on 7/29/20 8:15 AM

There are eight basic advantages that Anodized Aluminum can provide to a potential project:

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Tailored Reflectors impact in Medical Lighting

Posted by Michelle Politoski on 7/23/20 8:00 AM

Medical lighting is enhanced by the reflector used. Enhanced photometric and design performance characteristics allows augmented, focused, or superior light patterns in the medical/dental imaging devices which creates precise imaging, reduces exposure durations and present non-linear imaging options. Another option is concentrated high intensity UV-C and infrared light focuses light patterns and intensity that helps reduce microbials, viruses, and spores within a medical environment. Biological light and integrated non-image forming uses tailored reflectors in new or existing light fixtures to shape light patterns, intensity, and colors which improves biological, emotional, and visual wellbeing of medical patients and staff.

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