Top 5 Reasons to use Tailored Reflectors

by | Aug 5, 2020 | Fabricated Reflectors, Photometric Design, Reflective Lighting Assemblies, Tailored Reflectors | 0 comments

Tailored reflectors provide product development engineers with a number of value added advantages for successful project completion.

1. Tailored reflectors meet photometric and aesthetic requirements.

Our tailored reflectors are designed to accommodate the wide range of photometric needs. Any reflective finish can be incorporated into a tailored reflector for maximum visual appeal making all applications successful. Superior function does not come at the price of aesthetics.

2. Tailored reflectors work with any light source.

The size, shape, and reflective material of a tailored reflector are specifically tailored to optimize lighting performance.

3. Tailored reflectors use the available space.

A new fixture can be designed to accommodate the needs of the space, but efficient design options will also allow for fitting existing fixtures with tailored reflectors. Attachment points in existing fixtures may even be able to be used to locate the tailored reflector.

4. Tailored reflectors fit nearly all budgets.

Techniques like laser cutting, turret punching, and die stamping are all different depending on budget. The ability to match the manufacturing method to the design complexity, initial lead-time, and projected usage makes tailored reflectors cost-effective for projects of any size.

5. Tailored reflectors differentiate you from the competition.

Highly engineered to simplicity products appeal to customers and keep key decision makers happy, especially when you can verify fit, function, and performance of tailored reflectors early on in the project.

As the lighting industry’s leading manufacturer of tailored solutions, Reflective Concepts, Inc. has earned a respected reputation for manufacturing reflectors to order. We use tooling and machinery designated solely for lighting components—that means clean, accurate lines and precise reflective lighting products.Reflective Concepts, Inc. can prototype most designs quickly.