8 Advantages of Anodized Aluminum

Posted by Rob Madson on 7/29/20 8:15 AM

There are eight basic advantages that Anodized Aluminum can provide to a potential project:

  1. Finish Variety – There is more than fifty varieties of finishes available (not including material textures or colors) for Anodized Aluminum. The options range from highly specular finishes to very diffuse finishes. All aluminum materials can be color anodized.
  2. Finish Changeability – Aluminum components can be easily interchanged for one material finish to another finish which often does not require any tooling or process changes to complete this. By varying the material finishes it is possible to change reflector performance and appearance when needed. Therefore, creating different versions of the reflector for different optical situations, such as, different light sources or distribution requirements.
  3. Temperature Tolerance and Heat Dissipation – Aluminum based materials are known for temperature tolerance since there are few coatings that are temperature restricted; upper temperatures at which the reflective properties will begin to fail are in the 510°C/950°F range. Aluminum is the most common heat sink material used and can be an excellent heat conductor since it dissipates heat very efficiently.
  4. Tooling – No Tooling – Aluminum reflectors can be manufactured without the need for hard tooling, as a result, reducing overall costs associated with the production of parts.
  5. Prototypes and Production Start-up Costs – Most aluminum reflectors can be prototyped and produced as short run components without the need for hard tooling. Production can remain without tooling or begin to transition to a different process as needed depending on the quantities required. Therefore there is an option of running lower production quantities without additional costs.
  6. Longevity and Clean Ability – It is not uncommon to see aluminum reflective finishes lasting 25 years or more. Aluminum holds up well to UV, Cold, Heat and Salt Spray. It can be easily cleaned by conventional cleaning methods using readily available cleaning products.
  7. Strength – Reflectors manufactured from aluminum are effective at holding its optical shape and maintaining performance over a wide variety of environmental conditions.
  8. It’s Green (100% Recyclable) – Aluminum meets building codes for fire and smoke prevention (does not burn or produce smoke) and is recyclable.


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