Tailored Reflectors impact in Medical Lighting

Posted by Michelle Politoski on 7/23/20 8:00 AM

Medical lighting is enhanced by the reflector used. Enhanced photometric and design performance characteristics allows augmented, focused, or superior light patterns in the medical/dental imaging devices which creates precise imaging, reduces exposure durations and present non-linear imaging options. Another option is concentrated high intensity UV-C and infrared light focuses light patterns and intensity that helps reduce microbials, viruses, and spores within a medical environment. Biological light and integrated non-image forming uses tailored reflectors in new or existing light fixtures to shape light patterns, intensity, and colors which improves biological, emotional, and visual wellbeing of medical patients and staff.


Advancements in the medical lighting directly influence the medical industry. Tailored reflectors have helped the evolution of the following:


Medical/Dental Imaging: Traditional Computer Tomography technology and more advanced imaging systems enhanced imaging performance, shorter duration times for scanning and able to perform non-linear scanning in a mobile environment.


Microbial Reduction Lighting: High energy full spectrum ultraviolet light is extremely fast and effective at reducing microbial bacteria viruses and spores within a medical environment. UV-C is now being introduced in medical facilities through their standard lighting or microbial reduction units in designated areas.


Medical/Dental Exam Lighting: The continued development of LED technology has provided medical and dental professionals with innovations which include; smaller and more mobile lighting platforms, clearer imaging and improved natural light options for a better experience for patients and staff.


Wellness Lighting: Non-image forming or biological effects lighting has only recently implemented within medical facilities. Light of various colors, intensity and patterns improve wellbeing, restorative functions, and focus of patients and staff.


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