10 Reasons to Choose Reflective Concepts for Prototyping

Posted by Rob Madson on 8/13/20 7:16 AM
  1. All of our prototype reflector components and assemblies are tailored to your specifications.
  2. You can bring us anything—drawings, sketches, CAD data, or a concept description—and our engineers will turn it into a cost-effective reality.
  3. If you’re considering several options, we’ll create and test multiple segmented lighting prototypes using different material combinations and surface configurations.
  4. We use reflective lighting sheet materials instead of applying a reflective coating to a part after it’s been formed for superior aesthetics and performance.
  5. Different reflective surfaces, each producing unique results, can be combined in a single optical assembly to achieve specific photometric results.
  6. Our proprietary segmented reflectors can be prototyped and produced using an infinite number of shapes and configurations like soft rolls, parabolic arcs, sharp bends, or gemstone facets.
  7. We use the same equipment and tools for creating reflective component prototypes as we do when manufacturing high volume runs to ensure production matches the prototype.
  8. Tailored reflective prototypes can be completed in as little as one week.
  9. Once a prototype is approved, it can immediately transition into the manufacturing stage.
  10. Our modern techniques enable our optical reflective lighting specialists to complete manufacturing runs of any quantity.
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Rapid Prototyping Quick Guide

Posted by Rob Madson on 8/12/20 8:13 AM

When it comes to the production and profitability of fabricated reflective optics, time is of the essence. But, a quick turnaround should never leave you questioning precision or quality. There’s no guesswork with Rapid Prototyping. The advanced technologies deliver exactly what you need, including peace of mind in knowing there will be no surprises from concept through end product. Rapid Prototyping is a group of technologies used to quickly fabricate a scale model of a physical part or assembly using 3D printing and CAD design. Rapid Prototyping isn’t a new concept, but in the nearly four decades since its inception, the techniques have been refined to advance many industries including fabricated reflective optics.

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Intro to Metal Spinning

Posted by Briana Lipor on 2/5/20 9:00 AM

Metal spinning is a unique process that can be used to form complex shapes.

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New Year, Big News!

Posted by Briana Lipor on 1/1/20 9:00 AM


Happy new year from everyone at Reflective Concepts. 2020 is going to be a big year and as promised, we are so excited to finally share our big news.

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